I was impregnated by a classmate in fourth form which shattered my mum’s feelings, and expectations as she wanted me to join college. When I informed my boyfriend, he told me that he wasn’t ready to take responsibility because he was still young. My mother wanted me to commit an abortion, and schemed with one of my Aunt’s to procure one. They set the date when they would take me for the abortion but I managed to escape just before that day with help from a friend.

I stumbled upon the Protecting Life Movement Trust’s contacts by chance. When I called and told them my story, they immediately rescued me. In time, I delivered a baby boy but till today, my mum and family have rejected him. They even wanted me to offer him for adoption, something I firmly declined. The Kiota tried to convince my family to take me and my baby back but they totally refused.

Through the Kiota’s connections I later got some help from donors who visited Kiota while I was there. They were impassioned by my story, and so kindly offered to sponsor my college education while the baby was taken to a children’s home where he would stay for 2 yrs while I completed my training. The Protecting Life Movement Trust through their Kiota made an arrangement with the children’s home such that I was allowed to be visiting the baby, which I did often.

My dream was always to become a teacher, and I was given a chance the chance to complete my training at a Teachers Training College where I was for two years. I got a teaching job, which helped me to stabilize my life, and as a result, this has enabled me to re-unite with my son. I am so grateful for the Protecting Life Movement Trust, the donors who supported me, and this wonderful organization. God bless you all!

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