I am 14 years old, and I come from Kisumu County. In September 2016, I was brought to the Protecting Life Movement Trust’s Kiota, 6 months pregnant because of incest. Life was unbearable for me as I was rejected by my family and friends which caused me more emotional on top of the physical trauma I had already undergone. All this pain and suffering led me to attempt taking my own life as a release from it. My relatives wanted me to terminate the pregnancy to protect the family member from being prosecuted by law. I didn’t want to go ahead with this for many reasons, most importantly that the child’s life was precious, and abortion would terminate it making me a mother of a dead baby, and perhaps lead to my own demise in the process.

The Kiota cared for me, providing me with therapy, and by the time I was leaving the Kiota, I had recovered, being much stronger, and determined. When the due date came, I gave birth to a baby girl who was given up for adoption. My family did not want me back at home, so the Kiota graciously arranged for me to stay in a children’s home which gave me a place to call home during school holidays. In the meantime, they arranged with another organization to support my continued education in school.

Eventually, I had to be taken to a boarding school because my relatives were ashamed and rejected me. The relative who defiled me was put in remand, and the case is still ongoing. I always pray and hope that I will get justice one day.

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