The Protecting Life Movement Trust (PLMT) is an interdenominational, para-church organization. PLMT was formed in the year 2000 by a number of Christian based organizations, and Churches with the purpose and mandate to educate society on the sanctity of life, the facts about abortion and its complications, alternatives to abortion and prevention of unplanned pregnancies


I am 14 years old, and I come from Kisumu County. In September 2016, I was brought to the Protecting Life Movement Trust's Kiota, 6 months pregnant because of incest. Life was unbearable for me as I was rejected by my family and friends which caused me more emotional on top of the physical trauma I had already undergone. All this pain and suffering led me to attempt taking my own life as a release from it. My relatives wanted me to terminate the pregnancy to protect the family member from being prosecuted by law. I didn't want to go ahead with this for many reasons, most importantly that the child's life was precious, and abortion would terminate it making me a mother of a dead baby, and perhaps lead to my own demise in the process.

The Kiota cared for me, providing me with therapy, and by the time I was leaving the Kiota, I had recovered, being much stronger, and determined. When the due date came, I gave birth to a baby girl who was given up for adoption. My family did not want me back at home, so the Kiota graciously arranged for me to stay in a children’s home which gave me a place to call home during school holidays. In the meantime, they arranged with another organization to support my continued education in school.


Eventually, I had to be taken to a boarding school because my relatives were ashamed and rejected me. The relative who defiled me was put in remand, and the case is still ongoing. I always pray and hope that I will get justice one day.


I am an orphan aged 15 years who grew up in a children’s home. A man took advantage of me, and impregnated me when I visited my uncle while on a school holiday. On realizing I was pregnant, my Aunt demanded that I abort so that I could go back to school, but I refused. When I went back to the children’s home, the management of the home refused to take me back, so I was brought to the Kiota in 2014.

By this time, I was 3 months pregnant, and the Kiota took care of me until I delivered a baby boy. Through the Protecting Life Movement Trust's Kiota project, a well-wisher who was touched by my story agreed to sponsor my education. My baby was taken to a children’s home where he would be cared for till I completed school and had the ability to take care of him.


My name is Jacinta and I am an orphan. In 2013 when I came to Murang’a Kiota I was 15 years old. I was referred to Kiota by a children’s officer from the place where we lived in Nakuru. I became pregnant after being raped by a neighbor who tried to force me to terminate the pregnancy when he was reported to the police. I gave birth to a baby girl and through Kiota’s intervention one of my Aunts who had earlier rejected me accepted me and the child. My aunt agreed to take me back to school and care for my baby. I thank the Kiota for their support, love and care at a time when I did not know where to go.


I was impregnated by a classmate in fourth form which shattered my mum's feelings, and expectations as she wanted me to join college. When I informed my boyfriend, he told me that he wasn't ready to take responsibility because he was still young. My mother wanted me to commit an abortion, and schemed with one of my Aunt's to procure one. They set the date when they would take me for the abortion but I managed to escape just before that day with help from a friend.

I stumbled upon the Protecting Life Movement Trust's contacts by chance. When I called and told them my story, they immediately rescued me. In time, I delivered a baby boy but till today, my mum and family have rejected him. They even wanted me to offer him for adoption, something I firmly declined. The Kiota tried to convince my family to take me and my baby back but they totally refused.

Through the Kiota’s connections I later got some help from donors who visited Kiota while I was there. They were impassioned by my story, and so kindly offered to sponsor my college education while the baby was taken to a children’s home where he would stay for 2 yrs while I completed my training. The Protecting Life Movement Trust through their Kiota made an arrangement with the children’s home such that I was allowed to be visiting the baby, which I did often.

My dream was always to become a teacher, and I was given a chance the chance to complete my training at a Teachers Training College where I was for two years. I got a teaching job, which helped me to stabilize my life, and as a result, this has enabled me to re-unite with my son. I am so grateful for the Protecting Life Movement Trust, the donors who supported me, and this wonderful organization. God bless you all!

Let us all join Kiota Rescue Homes in the ongoing chicks project campaign to support girls in the home by complementing operational cost, help nutrition boost and share poultry skills education to the girls and community. A chick for Ksh. 1000 will support the girls 'chicks' thus Ksh. 1000 a chick for chicks.