Leave a mark by donating to us in cash, or in kind. Cash donations can be made by filling in the form below, or by selecting your preferred method of giving. Gifts in kind such as diapers, food stuff, soap, among others, can be sent to our offices. Kindly notify us of what you would like to send and when you would like to do so. For a list of gifts that we accept, kindly refer to our list of gifts in kind. For any questions, or clarification, do not hesitate to call us.

M-PESA PayBill

Business Number: 600100
Account Name: 0100001425336

Bank Details

Bank: Stanbic Bank
Account Number: 0100001425336
A/C. Name: Protecting Life Movement Trust
Branch: Upper Hill Medical Center, Ralph Bunche Road

PesaPal Coming Soon

Let us all join Kiota Rescue Homes in the ongoing chicks project campaign to support girls in the home by complementing operational cost, help nutrition boost and share poultry skills education to the girls and community. A chick for sh. 1000 will support the girls 'chicks' thus sh. 1000 a chick for chicks.